from 2021

choreographic anarchiving and body-making

> artistic research

The anarchive is a repertory of traces which are not inert.
They are carriers of potential.
A surface. A landscape of fragments: images, small things,and ghosts.
It reactivates traces of previous research phases
and documentation of current unfinished processes.
It becomes a place-event that works with the
excess energy of the archive: the surplus, affordances, affects.

Choreographic anarchiving and body-making is an artistic practice at the confluence of choreography, dance, feminist materialism, and anthropology beyond the human. Its draws attention to and feeds on philosophical stances closely aligned to non-Western epistemologies.

As ways of seeing and knowing, “choreographic anarchiving” and “body-making”, are respectively conceptual and embodied perspectives on perceiving, understanding, activating, and documenting. These converge, and ignite each other, forming a meshwork where ideas, human and extrahuman entities, and materials touch and become lenses we may look through.

Through the activation of these practices-methods within settings comprised by human and extrahuman entities’ co-presence, I engage with the notion of ‘space as a practice’, allowing place-events to emerge. These activations may be part of processes of creation of finished (?) artworks, as well as instantly composed performances.
These sets of practices-methods are dialogical and include movement, voicing, meditation, writing, calls for imagination, energychannelling, photography, thing-making, speculation and myth-making.

I began to develop choreographic anarchiving and body-making around 2021, departing from a surface of traces, both material and intangible, of the research project Amazonizing Practices: processes of thinking-moving with a landscape: a set of artistic practices, rocks from the Brazilian Amazon and their inorganic 3D-printed (non)reproductions, videos, as well as written and aural scores.

Choreographic anarchiving and body-makingand unfolds through multiple mediums, such as dance, written and aural scores, texts, photography, and other hard-to-name-things. These materials are both artistic outcomes and traces which are processualy anarchived and choreographed into different constellations. To this moment, these constellations have been publicly shared as choreographic installations within performance and/or exhibition settings. 

[1] My brief interpretation of Senselab’s/ 3ecologies’ definition of anarchive:

before; the crater

your sitting bones shine bright in the sky

flesh. stick. stone / see through

choreographic anarchiving: lithic