> durational performative experiment live on Zoom

HOLE is a performance for recreating bodies through the power of their gaze, apertures and fluids. The body of the performer, bodies of objects and of spectators. HOLE attempts to rearticulate the proposition “Anthropophagic Slobber” (1974) by Brazilian artist Lygia Clark, a pioneer of participatory performances, experiential art and therapeutic art practices. HOLE gazes at “Anthropophagic Slobber” through the lenses of Amerindian philosophies and proposes a live performance through the lenses of the computer camera – a hole. The gaze of the camera, the gaze of the spectators, who see the screen through their bodies, their eyes placed inside the orbital cavities - two holes. The body of the performer constantly redefines its boundaries and recreates itself within an assemblage of human bodies, objects, air, forces and many others. Through the spectators’ embodied gaze.

Creation and performance: Korina Kordova
Mentoring: Dr. Konstantina Georgelou

Platform: Zoom
-audience can enter and exit-

Fenia Kotsopoulou

Luiza Jaffe