> dance, choreography, magic

#abyss.witchroulette is a chance operated performance, composed out of tasks that are drawn on-stage and enacted by the performers. Through these tasks, they attempt to penetrate images and cliches related to both the archetype and the stereotype of ‘the witch’ in order to rewrite and inscribe them into other bodies, to give them new meanings, to question transgression politics through attempts of achieving the impossible.

They are playfully juxtaposing historical iconography with tumblr images and youtube footage, as well as horror movies’ excerpts with pop bands’ video clips, workout tutorials and rehearsal video recordings. Through reenactments of scenes of spiritual possession, they wonder if such phenomena can be perceived as one of the somatic practices – indelibly important for the development of contemporary dance – and if it can be a working method. Maybe dancers are contemporary witches? Maybe your MacBook is a magic wand?

Choreography and performance: Przemek Kamiński, Korina Kordova
Dramaturgy: Mateusz Szymanówka
Photos and video: Patrycja Planik
Production: 5th International Maat Festival Border Line, Maat Project Theatre, Centre for Culture Lublin, Poland

2015, Jan Tarasin City Art Gallery, Kalisz, PL
2014, Poznań Gallery Weekend, kolektyw 1a gallery, Poznań, PL
2014, 100 Grad Festival, Sophiensaele Theatre, Berlin, DE
2013, 5th International Maat Festival Border Line, Lublin, PL