The Chicken [ in progress ]

> dance 

Graphic Design: Victor Gáspari Canela / Photo: Hugo Hedberg
 Photos: Alexis Steeves

Dis-con-formation spells. INFLATE. Excessiveness. SWALLOW. Overflowing water from the bottle. COVER. Cloaking spiritualities.  UNCOVER. Female’s voracious head.  STRETCH. Enchanted anthropophagis.  
LICK. Trans-Landscapes of textures and mysteries. DRAG. Eating stories. PINCH.
Ping pong farts. Sound unpredictability. CAMOUFLAGE. Languages of possession and magic.
BITE. Intermediate objects. PEEL. Oozing shape. DISGUISE. Resilience. CROSS. Lingering. Kid’s Lunchtime. Tergiversation.  Uncomfortable fear and fun. Mercury. CUDDLE. Profane. RUB.
Plastic organs-masks. SCATTER. Pleasure. SHAKE. Gods, demons, matters. TOUCH.
Erotic nostalgia, air and ground. GROPE. Ghost dances. BRUSH. Dance floor. STICK.
An incomplete poem. PEEL. Empty theaters. TRACE. Bathroom’s blonde Libations.
BREAK. “Dobrar” the death. BEND. Not not landing.  PENETRATE.
Building a sanctuary made for monsters. Crosshumans.

Conception/Choreography: Mariana Costa
Collaborator, lapidarist and dramaturg: Korina Kordova
Performers: Korina Kordova, Mariana Costa
Music collaboration: Daniel Conti and Eric Reid
Thinking Partner: Gustavo Ciríaco

Thanks to: Alexis Steeves, Amalia Kasakove, Andrea Diaz Ghiretti, Caterina Mora, Eleanor Bauer, Emelia Koberg, Erik Valentin Berg, Fredrik Heimdahl, Gérald Tarek, Jennifer Lacey, Matthew D’Arcy, Myrto Delimichali, Rossana Mercado-Rojas, Roula Samiotaki, Stella Kruusamägi, Tiago Feliciano and Valentina Parravicini.

Still images from the video by Matthew D’Arcy