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Choreo-Lab Zurich/Warsaw

> Pro Helvetia programme for young choreographers

Cities & dance 

The influence of an urban environment on the work of a choreographer and vice-versa

A choreography workshop for contemporary choreographers and dancers from Poland and Switzerland. In collaboration with the Performance and Research Center W Ruchu – Warsaw/Poland, supported by Pro Helvetia, Mirgros-Kulturprozent:
Zurich: 21.10. – 25.10. | Tanzhaus Zürich
Warsaw: 28.10. – 1.11. | CENTRUM W RUCHU/ CENTER IN MOTION

The Choreographers: Emma Murray, Nunzio Impellizzeri, Korina Kordova, Magdalena Ptasznik 

Dancers (Zurich): Laura Susanne Burgener, Mirjam Bührer, Claire Dessimoz, Anne Dietrich, Alejandra Dominques (ZTTS), Daniela Fischer (ZTTS), Dominique Misteli-Terzi, Sofia Pintzou, Angela Rabaglio, Alessandro Sabatini, Eleonora Soricaro, Francesca Sproccati, Raakesh Sukesh, Fabienne Zubler

«Choreo-Lab» provides space for communication, development of methods and dance material as well as rehearsal and performance situations in different local contexts.

«Choreo-Lab» offered four choreographers and 20 dancers based in Poland and Switzerland, during two weeks the opportunity to work in two European cities: Zurich (Tanzhaus Zürich) and Warsaw (CENTRUM W RUCHU).
The choreographers and coaches worked for one week in each city with a group of 10 local dancers who can experience and share different working methods. A daily warming-up prepared the participants for the following choreographic processes.

Each choreographer took the two cities as motors, as starting points and chose themes, inspired on each city’s energy, history or current issues. The choreographers worked on solo / duo / trio and group choreography with the local dancers and created movement material and a conceptual exchange that is in constant communication and interaction with the environment. Based on the questions: How to create dance material, using one’s own movement language and aesthetics as well as that of the local dancers? How is this material communicated again with the environment (workshop – participants, choreographers, colleagues) and the local audience? How to use the city and its energy as a canvas, directly (outside, on the street) and on stage (projections)? How to reflect with dance on the immediate environment? What methods can be applied?

The aim of «Choreo-Lab» for the choreographers was to train, challenge and develop ones choreographic skills, and evaluate it together as much as possible. A rather strict time schedule was applied with short working units and specific tasks to fulfill, in order to give a clear frame to work in and get to results within the short time of two times five days.

«Choreo-Lab» allows to try out new working methods, different styles and aesthetics and to receive a direct feedback and reflection on the processes and results.«Choreo-Lab» is a liberating and challenging playground. For the dancers it is a great opportunity to look into and taste choreographic processes, get to know different choreographers and try out various styles and methods.Motion pictures of the two cities were filmed ahead and during the «Choreo-Lab» 2013 they were used as inspiration and were integrated in the choreographic process. During the lab using live camera and projections were one of the daily skill practices. The film material which was produced ahead and during the «Choreo-Lab» as well as live camera projections were integrated in the presentations in Zurich and Warsaw. This process was be accompanied by a cameraman / video specialist.

The invited choreographers and dancers were supported by a coach. The laboratory evaluated and documented in a 30 min. documentation, including interviews of the choreographers and dancers.

Each week / city’s work was concluded with a presentation and an audience discussion and reflection among the participants. The intention was to bring a choreographic process closer to an audience and share the creative process with them. It was also the intention of this workshop to create a network from which potentially new collaborations can be formed.

Coaches & Organization
The choreographers and dancers were curated and coached by Maria Stoklosa (member of Centrum W Ruchu) and Andrea Boll (artistic director of Tanzhaus Zürich). Both partners were responsible for the organization of «Choreo-Lab Warsaw – Zurich 2013» in their house, including tendering, advertising, and organizing the presentation, open discussion and evaluation at the end of the week.

Overall organization and logistics: Tanzhaus Zürich / Andrea Boll

Zurich, Tanzhaus Zürich: 25th of October 2013
Warsaw, CENTRUM W RUCHU: 1st of November 2013

From its founding in 1996, the Tanzhaus Zürich has grown in size and acquired excellent reputation as a unique production house for contemporary dance in Switzerland. Tanzhaus Zürich is a contemporary dance centre that caters to the needs of professional contemporary dancers and dance companies with a wide range of services. It combines the possibilities of a well equipped production site with the potential of multi-functional and innovative performance spaces. Tanzhaus Zürich offers daily trainings, workshops, several rehearsal studios and two stages, as well as information and consulting services, thus providing freelance dancers with the necessary infrastructure and supporting them in their profession. The Tanzhaus as an institution dedicated to contemporary dance not only locally but also nationwide and internationally. Regular performances, platforms and a variety of other formats present local, national and international dance. Tanzhaus hosts since 2012 the annual contemporary dance festival “zürich moves!”.

CENTRUM W RUCHU/ CENTER IN MOTION is a space for performance in Warsaw. The process of finding and creating this space was initiated by the Burdąg Foundation. It is situated in a converted secondary school, which has recently been made accessable by the Wawer District Office of the Municipality of Warsaw to various organizations involved in facilitating cultural activity, as part of a project called Wawerska Strefa Kultury (Wawer Cultural Zone). CENTRUM W RUCHU is used as a research and rehearsal space for performance projects but also holds workshops and open work-in-progress sharing. It marks the first successful attempt to create a work space for independent choreographers in the capital of Poland. Since March 2013 CENTRUM W RUCHU offers free workshops to the local community, a new dance lab for young dance makers and open presentations and discussions.