CIPÓ + stone jungle lamento

> research prototype

This is the prototype of the first phase of The Amazonizing Project – an artistic research undertaken in the frame of the Master Performance Practices programme at ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, Netherlands. The first research phase started in November 2019 and will continue until June 2020, when the research will be delivered within a performance setting.

The prototype of The Amazonizing Project – phase 1 consists of a written dance score and a video of the score’s first activation:

  • The score CIPÓ was written taking the solo dance score ‘No Time to Fly’ (2010) by choreographer Deborah Hay as a starting point. It is the first step of a procedure that intends to use the feedback loop between writing a score and activating it, in order to rewrite it from an embodied understanding of its performative potential.

  • The video stone jungle lamento was created from documentation material of the activation of the score in a public space: the suspended gardens at Centro Cultural São Paulo (December 2019, BR).

Due to the time limit of the video, I have created audio recordings of parts of the score in order to frame the performance in time. I had to listen to them through earphones because the location was very loud. You will be able to hear the introduction/ meditation. I suggest watching the video before looking at the score.

Creation and performance: Korina Kordova
Video editing: Fabricio Muriana and Korina Kordova